Final Quality Control

  • Pursuit of zero defect, to guarantee meet customer’s requirement from wispy tache.

Andwin Circuits believes in making your products happen by providing you with
Quality service and the best possible product.

We are proud to stand by our products, we are also proud to boast about our
High ratio of repeat and loyal customers.

When your customers stay with you, you know you’re doing right things .

Because we make no compromises on our incoming quality assurance,
we refuse to compromise on our outgoing quality.

Our professional team maintain constant vigilance over our processes,
we know that our products are created with the best possible processes,
And that everything we do conforms to the ISO bodies to which we subscribe.

We invite you to rely on our service.
We value the faith and trust of our customers above everything,
And do everything possible to ensure that your expectations are met or exceeded.

We have a proven track record of quality that we intend to maintain.