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Andwin is Aluminum PCB and metal core PCB manufacturer that offer excellent thermal management solution,thermal conductivity from 1.0 W/m.k to 385 W/m.k.
our products include aluminum core PCB, thermal PAD MCPCB,copper based PCB,multilayers MCPCB,ceramic pcb and more.
Get your prototype in 4 to 10 days!

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torch light mcpcb

286+ LED Flashlight makers Choose our Copper core MCPCB
2000,000 PCS are working in the world

  • Heat sink faster
  • Life longer
  • Customizable  


What did our customer say?

“We use Andwin as copper core pcb supplier with direct thermal path MCPCB ,since 2009, it is wonderful,  and save much money to compare with previous supplier.”

James Yerkes

CTO OF Flashlight Company

“We cost long time to find a realiable MCPCB supplier for our 1380W LED Sportlight,
until find Andwin. Solved all the technical problem.
Thank you!”

Mary Judith

Purchase of High light LED sportslighting

“As a supplier of Carlight for BMW,AUDI..,
We use Andwin’s MCPCB since 2011,
Continue in future,
Stronly recommend.”

Michael Yule

CTO OF LED carlight

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